About the Organization

The New York Association for Ambulatory Care (NYAAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit organization of professionals from various disciplines who have a strong professional commitment to the delivery of ambulatory health care services in its various settings and have a responsibility to the people served in these different health care environments. The commonality of the membership centers on the issues that arise from the delivery of ambulatory care services. Members are employed in the health care industry in various facilities, organizations, companies, and private and governmental agencies, the majority of which are located in the metropolitan New York City area.

Formed in 1966, NYAAC is an organization which fosters professional collegiality among its members through a series of programs featuring speakers whose presentations cover key health care issues. Along with its newsletter and a developing website, NYAAC offers its members a forum to enhance their knowledge and skills, to network, to share ideas, and to stay current in an ever-changing environment.

To Fulfill Our Mission…


NYAAC provides programs of professional interest.

Networking & Sharing

NYAAC provides a forum for networking and sharing information.


Staying Current

NYAAC provides information through a newsletter and website that helps NYAAC members stay current in a constantly changing industry.

Professional Collegiality

NYAAC fosters professional collegiality among our members.