The New York Association for Ambulatory Care (NYAAC) is a not-for-profit membership organization established in 1966 to serve individuals with a professional commitment to and an interest in the delivery of effective high quality ambulatory health care services in a multitude of settings – hospitals, ambulatory locations, behavioral health organizations, convenient care, urgent care, and now retail locations, etc. Through scheduled meetings and networking events, educational programs, and the use of our website and other communications, NYAAC fosters collegiality among members and offers opportunities to network, share ideas, enhance knowledge and skills and stay current in the rapidly evolving world of ambulatory health care in New York.

NYAAC attracts members from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds including medicine, nursing, executive management, planning, marketing, insurance and managed care companies, consulting, architecture, etc. Most of our members are employed in the health care industry or organizations that support the health care industry, some are students, some have a special interest in health care.

NYAAC members are offered the opportunity to keep informed of issues that affect the delivery of health care across ambulatory settings. In 2014, the health care environment in New York State is evolving rapidly due to changes in the federal and state landscapes. In an environment of ever increasing rapid change, membership in NYAAC supports Learning and Sharing about regulation, public policy, financing, models of service delivery, management practices and integrative practices for improved health outcome Members have the opportunity to participate in NYAAC’s committees which support the focus of NYAAC as an organization of members interested in Learning – Sharing-Networking. More change is coming, so plan today to join an organization that will connect you with the changes and point the way so that as professionals in the ambulatory care arena, we can continue to guide beneficial changes that benefit our communities and organizations.

To get on track now and stay there into the future, join NYAAC today!

NYAAC Membership


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Standard Membership – $100.00
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Membership Benefits

NYAAC welcomes a wide range of professionals of all disciplines involved in the provision of ambulatory care in its many and varied settings.


NYAAC Programs – All NYAAC educational programs and meetings are available free, or at a reduced cost for members. NYAAC offers a mix of programs focusing on various issues important in ambulatory care. The formats vary, including in-person speakers, workshops, breakfast sessions as well as telephone conferences and webinars. Included with in-person educational program events is a networking period with refreshments available.


Networking time is included with each in-person speaker program, with refreshments provided.

Annual Celebration Awards Ceremony: The Annual Awards Celebration is a time for socializing and networking with others in the ambulatory arena and recognizing influential individuals that have focused their career in providing and improving ambulatory care services in metropolitan area of New York. The awards are given to individuals or organizations for Significant Contribution and Commitment to Ambulatory Care and Life Time Achievement. Attendance at the Annual Celebration Awards Ceremony requires an additional fee.

Additional networking events are scheduled periodically for socializing with members and other colleagues.


Membership Directory – A comprehensive listing of the membership, with contact information.

LinkedIn Group – participation in a LinkedIn Group just for NYAAC members, facilitating a free exchange of ideas and information.

Employment Opportunity Listing – viewed by employers as a premier tool for recruitment of professionals in ambulatory care; employment opportunities are posted and updated frequently.


NYAAC is viewed by employers as a premier tool for recruitment of professionals in Ambulatory Care. Employment opportunities are posted and updated frequently.

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